Week Five

My time in DC is running out but I think I can officially say that I’ve hit every museum that I hoped to see and have had an incredible time!

Monday: Bachelorette Finale
Monday at work I started with social media and worked on a number of documents for our Together We Remember campaign including an infographic, phone script, and email templates for ROs. Next me and my coworker headed to a meeting at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. The meeting was about Religious Extremism in Africa, a topic I am particularly interested in because of my fascination with religion. The meeting was a little over my head, however, and I left with a lot of questions and things to look up. That evening, I headed to my boss’s house to eat pizza and watch the Bachelorette finale- which ended horribly if you ask me.

Tuesday: Virtual Reality
Tuesday morning I worked on social media, made edits on one-pagers, and completed the Together We Remember templates including an RO FAQ, chapter FAQ, and more email templates. Then our partner organization, the Nexus Fund, came to show me and the other intern a virtual reality video on the Rohingya, a ethnic group in Burma who are being persecuted. The video was incredibly touching. They told us that they would hopefully allow us to bring it chapters so that other students could see this virtual reality story. I was so elated and was trying to think of any possible way to make it into a campaign.


Wednesday: Books Not Bombs
Wednesday I looked over lobbying asks, did social media posts, and attempted to format some of the conflict one-pagers. That afternoon we had another conference call with the leaders of our partner campaign called Books Not Bombs (learn more at books-not-bombs.com). They told us some INCREDIBLY exciting news about a large (very wealthy) organization reaching out to help fund our campaign. As campaign coordinator, this was especially exciting for me! I am so excited for the upcoming semester! That night, my coworkers and I attended a vigil at the White House because it was the anniversary of what is considered to be the beginning of the Yazidi Genocide by ISIS. They had a number of wonderful speakers there and it was very moving.

Thursday: Meeting #4 and KYLE
Thursday morning I worked my work-trade shift in which I made a number of graphics for the office. After my shift , I quickly worked on social media posts and headed off to a meeting at Oxfam on the refugee crisis. This meeting was beyond exciting and engaging. I learned so much about refugees and was given specific tasks that would help the situation. It gave me so many ideas of what we could do in the upcoming semester.

After the meeting, I went to the airport to pick up Kyle. I texted him and told him the meeting ran late and that I wouldn’t be able to meet him there. I told him I would give him specific instructions of how to get to my apartment. I could tell he was bummed and nervous but the look on his face when he saw me at the terminal made it totally worth it. That night, we went to a local restaurant called Tonic for dinner where I opened the presents that he got me for my birthday. They were so fitting- it was everything that I loved all in one– sloths, feminism, cats, puzzles, and records! It was so heartfelt and made me so happy! After dinner we headed to my roommates friend’s house to watch Big Brother and eat popcorn which was tons of fun!


Friday: Work & Play
Friday I left Kyle and went to work. Work was super busy and a little stressful. I did social media and drafted language for lobby leave-behinds. Next I tried to format some more one pagers which was pretty difficult. 15 minutes before work ended, Kyle came to visit and meet my friends. I was so excited for all of them to meet and was even more excited when Kyle surprised me with roses! It was so sweet.

After work, Kyle and I headed across the street to the National Archives where we saw the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Magna Carta. I had chills the whole time! Kyle was hungry from exploring all day so we headed to Chili’s. After Chili’s we headed home to watch Ratatouille and sleep for as long as possible!!

Saturday: Museums-galore
Saturday we planned an extremely busy day. I started by taking Kyle to the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, WWII memorial, Vietnam, and Korean War memorials. It was disgustingly hot and humid so it was a bit rushed but fun nonetheless! Next, I took Kyle to the Holocaust Museum, my personal fave, for the first time! We both loved the cobblestone road that was taken straight from the ghetto- it gets me every time.

After a trip to the museum cafe, we headed to the Hirshhorn Museum of modern art. I was told by my mom to be ready for something super weird and was not disappointed. As someone who isn’t incredibly educated in art, it was hard for me to understand what the artists were going for but it was fun to try to understand nonetheless!

After the Hirshhorn, Kyle and I trekked across DC to go to a dog festival called Woofstock. It was pretty much Kyle’s dream to be surrounded by dogs. One big Rottweiler in particular, Jasmine, took a liking to me and immediately laid on my lap. I fell in love with her! In addition to the dogs there were a number of food trucks and a live band! Also there was a humane society truck that had adoptable kittens (obviously super adorable)! That night we headed home after our busy day, made dinner, and immediately fell asleep!


Sunday: Stamps and Shopping
Sunday we slept in and ate breakfast in bed. We took the bus to the Postal Museum where we read as many Post Secret postcards as we could. Then I introduced Kyle to Shake Shack and Auntie Anne’s- it was good and so filling! We headed back to the apartment where we took naps and then got ready to head to Georgetown to do some walking and shopping! Afterwards, Kyle made pizza while I had my STAND conference call and then we both took a walk to the White House to see it at night!


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