Week Four

Monday & Tuesday
Monday and Tuesday were business as usual. I began every day doing research on the latest news and updates in the genocide prevention world. I must say, by doing this religiously, I have learned so much about Burundi and South Sudan especially. No amount of studying has helped me learn about these countries like reading articles and summarizing them in 140 characters has!

Next, I finished up my thoughts on the Rapid Responders program and started to create metrics surveys that each Managing Committee member can fill out weekly. I reached out to a number of Student Peace Alliance chapters in order to collaborate with them on upcoming campaigns and then created a document in which I compiled online media sources that student activists could possibly submit to and get published in! Finally, on Tuesday we had a conference call in which we heard updates on the conflict in Burundi.

Wednesday we had a meeting on South Sudan which I was very excited about. Before we could go I did the social media drafts and compiled a list of readings that would be helpful for the incoming Managing Committee before the August retreat. At the South Sudan meeting at Oxfam, we heard updates on the current crisis and talked about a number of ways that we can help/get involved. This meeting was incredibly interesting and made me feel really good about myself because I was actually able to keep up despite being the youngest in the room.

Thursday morning I had my work-trade shift at Impact Hub. I have to admit it was really awesome because my boss just presented me with a really messy cabinet and a label maker and told me to organize it which is probably my favorite task! Next I did my social media drafts, responded to a bunch of emails, and made edits on my blog post about Burma.

At about 9:00 I was lying in bed playing Fancy Cats on my phone when one of my coworkers sent out a mass text inviting her friends to her apartment to watch Hillary speak at the DNC. Feeling adventurous, I packed my belongings and took the hour long metro&bus ride to her apartment. A bunch of her friends were there- both Democrats and Republicans- and we all had a lot of fun providing commentary on the DNC and Bill’s love for balloons. Because I didn’t want to trek home at 12pm, I ended up staying over in her beautiful (I mean BEAUTIFUL) apartment.

image1 (5)

In the morning we ate breakfast and headed to the Impact Hub. I worked on my social media posts (for what seemed like a really long time), worked on a “Year in Review” poster for our Together We Remember campaign, and wrote up some language for our website about a future fall intern. Next, I edited my Burma blog post for the final time and posted it– which you can read here (highly encouraged. I’m very proud of this one)!

After work, two of my coworkers invited me to go to the zoo with them. Excitedly, I looked for all the sloths (who all happened to be sleeping in boxes(?)), and extensively documented the Orangutan named Kyle!

After the zoo we ubered to a cute coffee shop in Adams Morgan (which was the funkiest neighborhood) and then visited a friend’s apartment. All four of the girls there had done work in human rights so it was super exciting to talk with them about their experiences. At about 9pm we got on the subject of piercings and all decided to take the 5 minute walk to the tattoo parlor and get our nose/cartilage pierced. I thought about getting a second nose piercing next to my hoop but then decided against it due to the fact that I like to overthink things before I do them haha. However, I provided moral support to the 4 other girls who got their piercings and served as camerawoman to document the fun! That night I headed home and promised myself I would sleep for all of Saturday…

…but then Saturday came. I knew I needed to get some work done so I went to Starbucks, ordered myself a refresher and settled in for some work. After about a half an hour my same friend texted me asking if I would like to hang out and swim at her BEAUTIFUL apartment. Of course I accepted and headed over! Her roommate and our other coworker were there to hang too! After doing some more work at her place, we decided to jump in the pool before the storm came. I had been dying to swim since it was summer and I had barely been in the water so it was really nice. After that, we settled in to read or do miscellaneous work which only lasted about 20 minutes before we all split up and took naps. I set my alarm for a 30 minute nap and ended up waking up an hour later…which was nice haha.

image1 (4).PNG

Once we were well-rested, my friend’s roommate offered to make dinner. He made homemade baked mac and cheese, roasted baby potatoes, and salad, among various other appetizers. We talked and laughed and instagramed the fun- it was a really great night! Then we all snuggled on the couch to watch Forrest Gump. It was probably one of my favorite nights in DC!!

After arriving home at 12am the night before, I slept in till about 12pm on Sunday. Because I was still tired I decided to abandon my plans to go to a museum and chill instead. It was much needed!!

Next week…KYLE!


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