Week Three

Three whole weeks in DC have already passed! Work continues to be interesting and engaging and DC continues to surprise me!! I’m pretty sure this week’s blog is a little longer than the rest but I had a lot of exciting events.

Monday: The Bachelorette
Monday morning started off as usual- social media posts for Facebook and Twitter, followed by editing the various blog posts that my coworkers added suggestions to. Next I worked to edit the Regional Organizer spreadsheets which keeps all the chapter information together and organized. This was a grueling task but it needed to be done! Finally, I began to brainstorm some ideas for our upcoming project the Rapid Responders. That is a project that I am super excited to get rolling!

After work my boss invited me and our other friend to go to her apartment to have dinner and watch the Bachelorette. At her apartment she made us pilau with Tanzanian spices- it was incredible!! We flipped on the Bachelorette, popped some popcorn and proceeded to make fun of every boy except Luke (#TeamLuke). It was so much fun!

Mac's Cat
The cutest kitten!!

Tuesday: Work as Usual
Tuesday was an average work day. I began with social media, edited my blog post once again, learned how to use Mail Chimp and worked on the Rapid Responders project. I looked into how to use the software best and wrote language samples for: the national email, social media, text messages, and the website!

Wednesday: Another Day, Another Meeting
Wednesday I worked from in the morning so that I could walk to the PPWG (a working group focusing on the Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act) meeting a couple blocks from my apartment at 1. At home I worked on Rapid Responders and headed to the meeting. The meeting was interesting but a little disappointing with the final verdict.After the meeting we finished the work day at a nearby Rwandan coffee shop. There I did social media and Chapter Resource editing.

Thursday: MY BIRTHDAY!!
Thursday was THE BEST! I began my morning with a surprise call from my boyfriend wishing me a great day. The bus card machine was broken so I got a free ride, and I was able to take a break from STAND work by having my first shift at the Impact Hub, the office space where we work. I took inventory of all the furniture in the office and then settled in to do my daily social media posts. Just then the other intern showed me a giant cookie cake that said “Happy 19th. Love Mom!” I was so surprised! Apparently my mom worked with my boss to have it delivered to the office!

After all the afternoon excitement I worked on my Burundi blog post for the final time and posted it! You can find it here!! (Finishing that may have been my favorite birthday gift). After work, me and the three girls headed to Georgetown for my birthday gift- a trip to a cat cafe called Crumbs and Whiskers. It was incredible. I pet so many cats including the fattest cat I’ve ever seen named Gatsby. We ended up playing Cards Against Humanity with some really nice strangers who all wished me a happy birthday!

19th birthday

Afterwards, we went to Chipotle for dinner, did some shopping at Forever 21, and headed back to our apartments. Noticing that my room was unusually empty, I turned on Netflix and watched some Parks and Rec. Suddenly my roommates arrived with a brownie pan with candles, singing happy birthday! It was so sweet and such a surprise! Obviously, it was a great day!!

Friday: The Capitol Building (& Mom!)
Friday morning I scheduled a tour of the capitol building with Senator Chris Murphy’s Office. The intern that led me around was super sweet and told me all about the building. It was really extravagant! I think my favorite part was the underground train that takes you from one building to another!

Capitol building
This is the original House of Reps room where Charles Sumner was caned haha!

At work I did social media drafts, sent my Regional Outreach Introduction emails, and read a policy brief summer reading for our Managing Committee. I was so tired by that part (and it was so hot out) that I had trouble focusing on what I was doing. Therefore, when my mom offered to take me out to lunch at Shake Shack I was very thankful! After work I headed to the hotel where my mom was staying and took a break from the heat. Once we got hungry, my mom took me to the Cheesecake Factory for my birthday and gave me all the cards from my family back home ($$$)! After I ordered cake, we headed back to Farragut Park, right outside the hotel, and watched National Treasure: Book of Secrets in the park! It was so much fun. Needless to say, I slept incredibly well that night.

National treasure.JPG

Saturday: Museuming 
Saturday was set aside for some museum exploring. We started at the Library of Congress where I made countless National Treasure jokes. Next we looked around the Capitol and the Capitol gift shop, snapped pics in front of the Supreme Court, and went to the Postal Museum. I must admit I wasn’t expecting much from the Postal Museum but it was incredible! My favorite part was Post Secret- which was such a creative and interesting exhibit.

After stopping at Shake Shack for some snacks, we headed back to the hotel to take naps! That night we grabbed dinner at Fuel Pizza and went to check out the White House all lit up. It was beautiful!

Sunday: Chillin
After all the excitement of the weekend, we planned to abandoned all plans to explore and instead chill out. This, however, did not happen! We took a trip to the Mansion on O Street which I saw when watching Mega Mansion on Netflix about a month ago. The mansion is cleverly disguised as 3(?) townhouses but in fact holds over 100 rooms and 70 secret doors. However, because my mom and I could only find 6 (and we are smarter than most folks I would say), I am convinced there are only 6 secret doors. Either way, the mansion was really cool and housed the FBI at one point and then Rosa Parks but now is just full of (excuse my language) tacky shit that you can buy- like small Easter decorations- and then some cooler stuff- like a John Lennon signed guitar!

After the mansion we took a walk in the 104 degree heat to see DuPont circle, grab some lunch, and check out Krammerbooks! And after an incredibly eventful weekend, I slept so long I didn’t post this blog until Monday!!

image1 (3)
Personal hero

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