Week Two

I don’t know how I possibly could’ve forgotten to say this on my first blog post but thank you to everyone who has helped me make this internship possible. Especially my parents and Kyle- you guys support me no matter how much it sucks for you, and I am eternally grateful! I love you guys!!

The Week:
This week was a typical work week. I began every day as usual by making social media posts. I learned how to use Tweetdeck and posted my first STAND tweet and was officially able to post to the STAND Facebook!

Next, I was put on website duty. This included editing the “Our Take” pages on each conflict area, and drafting new formatting and content for the Resource tab! I created a giant Resource Folder which included everything from How to Write an Op Ed and How to Lobby to A Chapter Events Guide and Social Media; Best Practices among many many other things. This took me a number of days to complete because I had to either edit existing documents or create my own. Altogether I created/edited 17 documents which will hopefully be on the website soon!

Along with creating these resources, I also completed a number of other tasks. On Monday, we stayed an hour after to meet with a partner organization who created the Together We Remember  campaign in order to discuss the best ways to pull off the name reading event in the new semester! On Tuesday we had a call with a number of organizations that work on similar issues to discuss matters in Burundi and also had about an hour in the middle of the day where we tried to reach 10,000 likes on Facebook by furiously inviting people. (This following the Student Director’s promise to get a tattoo if we did so.) In less than 45 minutes we had over 10,000 likes so I guess you could say that was a success!

Throughout the week I also worked on editing some posts and writing my own. I helped edit; a petition urging the AU to prioritize Burundi at their summit,  a blog post written by a STAND alum on South Sudan, and the Regional Organizer Spreadsheets for each region. Next, I felt ambitious and decided to write my own post on Burma, which was just named one of the worst countries for human trafficking along with other countries including North Korea and Syria. The next day I felt even more ambitious and wrote a blog post on the current situation in Burundi. Hopefully those will be up on the website soon as well!

Friday was a lot of fun! Our Student Director’s family was in town and they offered to take us out to lunch. They were so sweet and took us all to Shake Shack which was a great time to bond! We also made tons of plans to visit a national park one weekend and have a Bachelorette Watch party on Monday (v excited about that)!

The Weekend:

This weekend was TONS of fun! Saturday I planned to go to the National Museum of Women in Art (skillfully planned for this weekend because 18 year olds get in for free and next weekend I’ll be 19!!) So aside from the Holocaust Museum, this is hands-down my favorite museum in all of DC. The feminist that I am was so empowered and had chills the entire time. The temporary exhibit, called She Who Tells a Story, was compiled completely of photographs taken by women in Iran and the Arab World and was so incredibly well done and interesting and thought provoking– I must’ve spent an hour on that floor alone. Also, in the modern art section there was a collection of doilies with little cartoons drawn on them. I immediately recognized the style from a woman named Peregrine Honig who was on a show that I just recently re-watched. It ended up actually being her art! It was so incredible!

A really awesome piece in the collection.
Peregrine’s piece!











My favorite piece in the collection entitled “Mother, Daughter, Doll”

Next I headed over to the American Art Museum which I found INCREDIBLY boring (maybe it was just compared to the Women’s Museum…). However, I noticed that they were screening the movie Frida within the hour and decided to see that. After getting Chipotle for lunch, I sat and watched the film. I must admit it wasn’t my favorite but it was really well done overall.

Sunday I knew I had a lot of chores to catch up on. I woke up pretty early and went to the farmers market at DuPont circle. It was a bit of a walk but it was so amazing- they had everything from flowers and fresh fruit to homemade blueberry pancakes and chocolate pudding. I couldn’t resist buying fresh greenbeans! Next I did some shopping at Trader Joe’s and CVS, worked out, did laundry, took a nap, and wrote this!!

farmers market.PNG

I am so excited for the upcoming week and am having so much fun in DC!


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